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Privacy Policy

A IBSET SYSTEMS. respects the confidentiality of your information and guarantees that your data will not be made available, assigned or sold to third parties.

All information provided on our website is for exclusive use for the purchase, customization, facilitation procedure and is not made available to third parties. The data provided is recorded in our database in an automated way and stored with total security without human intervention.

The emails and phones provided are used only for contacts regarding purchases made on our website. With prior authorization from customers, we send e-mails informing the promotions in force in our store, however our customers can request the non-receipt of offers.

There is no storage of information that is not necessary to complete the purchase. The use of the CPF is required by law to issue invoices and to send goods.

The passwords provided in our database are archived in an encrypted manner, allowing only the owner of the registry to have knowledge.

The credit card numbers provided are registered directly in the card administrators' database, not allowing the store owner to access this information. When informing the data to the administrator, it performs the online transaction verification and returns only if the purchase is released or not.

Our store is equipped with the LetsEncript Security Certificate, one of the most modern digital certificates. Through it, all information transferred over the internet is encrypted.


This is a 100% secure store and uses the technology of Cookies only to provide more ease at the time of your purchase. The purpose of the Cookie is to fully customize your navigation on the website, allowing greater ease and agility in the shopping process.